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John Wick is super cool and awesome!

Sun Oct 26, 2014, 8:41 AM
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Peoples, Keanu Reeves is super cool again. I just saw John Wick last night and I was very entertained. The plot is that he is an ex-hitman who just wanted to be left alone with his pet dog, Daisy, until some stupid punks led by the son of the Russian mafia decided to break into his house to steal his car and kill his beloved dog in the process. This causes Wick to get back into hitman mode and goes on the rampage with a body count that rivals Dredd 3D.

I will tell you right now, I have never seen a movie with gun play like this before. I've seen old school action movies where people just shoot each other and there is the whole gunkata thing started in Equilibrium where they mixed shooting with stylish John Woo martial arts, but this movie, in 2014, portrays something that may just be the middle of just shooting people and John Woo, even if it is very stylistic. If I had to describe how the gun play is, even more so with the character John Wick himself than any of the other characters, which is how he can clear an entire room of armed gunmen by himself, is that he holds the gun in the typical "real world" fashion, two hands, sights in his face and constantly up and following his line of sight at all times while swiftly moving along. This is the kind of movement that you see with police officers only much quicker and kinetic. But that's only for far to mid range. When he gets into close range, he will more than likely either shoot somebody a couple of times in the body to incapacitate them before shooting them in the head or he will wrestle them to the ground to shoot them in the head or wrestle to hold them down while shooting somebody else, then finishing the guy off with a shot to the head. The wrestling maneuvers he pulls off look very much like MMA or Olympic style wrestling, which is a welcome change to how grappling is usually portrayed in action movies like these. Oh sure, some movies have martial arts-style grappling, but not like this, this is something that has to be seen to be believed.

One other thing is that John Wick always makes sure to shoot people in the head, just because he is a very consistent guy. In fact, if they had an alternate name for this movie, it should have been Headshot: The Movie. If you are a bad guy in this movie, you will end up with a bullet to the brain. And somehow, that never gets old. That's how good the gun play in this movie was. You will not get tired of the number of ways John Wick shoots a guy in the face. Now, there are some unique ways he kills people, all involving shooting people in the head but I'll let you guys experience that ;)

Now, you will notice that the only thing I've been talking about was the action scenes, and that's because this movie is a pretty simple revenge movie. Its just a guy who goes on a rampage because some punks killed his dog. You will feel this man's rage and will root for him as kills man after man on his revenge. For something like this, you don't really need more plot than that, the acting and action alone is enough. In other words, if you love action and can't get enough of headshots, do yourself a favor and watch this movie. You will not be disappointed.

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